Welcome to 

Silver Springs

in Cypress Hills, Alberta

Peaceful and Quiet

10 Minutes from Elkwater, Alberta.

A peaceful, calm place to breathe, amazing dark sky for star gazing, out in nature, quiet and relaxing. Nestled in the Cypress Hills, 10 minutes from Elkwater. Make sure to have a look at the stars at night!.

Perfect place for a group!

Awesome winter vacation spot!!

Ski and Stay Packages

Rent a camper to stay here in for your family.

At Silver Springs Guesthouse we offer you:

Welcome to Silver Springs Guesthouse in Cypress Hills, Alberta, Canada! Our charming guesthouse is the perfect retreat for groups of up to 12, whether you're hunters seeking the thrill of the outdoors or families looking for a peaceful recreational getaway. Nestled in the heart of nature and just moments away from the breathtaking Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park, our guesthouse offers an unforgettable experience that combines rustic charm with modern comfort.

Accommodation Designed for You At Silver Springs Guesthouse, we understand the unique needs of hunters and outdoor enthusiasts. Our spacious guesthouse provides ample room for your group to relax and unwind after a day of adventure. With comfortable lodge-style living spaces and cozy interiors, you'll find the perfect blend of relaxation and camaraderie. Whether you're swapping stories by the campfire, stargazing under the clear Alberta sky, or capturing the beauty of the wilderness through your lens, Silver Springs Guesthouse sets the stage for incredible memories.

Proximity to Nature The allure of the great outdoors beckons just steps from our guesthouse. Surrounded by the majestic Cypress Hills and its diverse wildlife, you'll have access to a myriad of outdoor activities. Explore well-marked hiking trails in the Cypress Hills Park, engage in bird watching, or immerse yourself in the thrill of hunting in the vast wilderness. Our location is a paradise for nature photographers, with opportunities to capture stunning landscapes and local wildlife.

Year-Round Adventures Silver Springs Guesthouse welcomes you to enjoy the beauty of Cypress Hills in every season. From hiking and mountain biking in the warmer months to cross-country skiing and snowshoeing in the winter, our four-season destination ensures there's always an adventure awaiting you. Our guesthouse also offers a quick drive to trails, hunting, archery, and fishing spots for a well-rounded outdoor experience.

Group Comfort and Convenience Equipped with a fully stocked kitchen and BBQ facilities, Silver Springs Guesthouse allows you to prepare hearty meals that satisfy after a day of exploration. The proximity to Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park means you're never far from attractions, making your stay both convenient and enjoyable. Whether you're here for a family gathering, a group vacation, or a hunting expedition, our guesthouse is your home away from home. Spend your day at Elkwater Lake, Spruce Coulee or Reesor Lake.

Experience the magic of Cypress Hills and the tranquility of Silver Springs Guesthouse. Book your stay today at www.silverspringsguesthouse.com and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Celebrate Your Love at Silver Springs: The Premier Cypress Hills Wedding Venue

Welcome to Silver Springs, the enchanting wedding venue nestled in the heart of Cypress Hills, Alberta, Canada. Your dream wedding becomes a reality amidst the breathtaking natural beauty of this serene landscape. With a picture-perfect blend of rustic charm and modern elegance, Silver Springs offers an unforgettable setting for your special day.

Unveiling the Perfect Wedding Venue Imagine exchanging your vows in a setting that captures the essence of romance. Silver Springs provides a captivating backdrop for your love story, with stunning vistas and lush surroundings that paint a canvas of tranquility. Our thoughtfully designed spaces accommodate weddings of all sizes, ensuring an intimate experience for your closest family and friends.

Nature's Embrace for Your Big Day At Silver Springs, nature becomes an integral part of your wedding day. Imagine saying "I do" under a clear blue sky, surrounded by the whispers of gently swaying trees and the melodies of birdsong. Capture timeless photographs against the backdrop of Cypress Hills' panoramic views, creating memories that will be cherished for generations to come.

Tailored Elegance and Personalization We understand that every couple has a unique vision for their wedding day. Whether you envision an elegant indoor affair or a whimsical outdoor celebration, Silver Springs offers versatile spaces that can be tailored to your preferences. Our expert event planning team is dedicated to bringing your vision to life, ensuring that every detail is executed flawlessly.

Amenities for a Seamless Celebration Silver Springs is equipped with modern amenities to make your wedding day seamless and stress-free. Our fully equipped guesthouse provide the perfect space for pre-ceremony preparations.  From the moment your guests arrive until the last dance, our venue is designed to cater to your every need.

Destination Delights for You and Your Guests Cypress Hills is not only a stunning backdrop for your wedding but also offers a range of close by activities for you and your guests to enjoy. From hiking and swimming to stargazing and exploring the local culture, your wedding weekend can transform into a memorable destination experience.

Begin Your Forever at Silver Springs Your love story deserves a setting as unique and timeless as Silver Springs. Let the natural beauty of Cypress Hills envelop you as you begin this beautiful journey together. Discover the magic of Silver Springs and inquire about hosting your dream wedding at www.silverspringsweddings.com. Your happily ever after starts here.

Escape to Tranquility: Unwind and Reconnect with Nature at Silver Springs Guesthouse

Experience the ultimate retreat for nature lovers at Silver Springs Guesthouse in the heart of Cypress Hills, Alberta, Canada. If you're seeking a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, look no further. Our guesthouse offers a haven of tranquility where you can immerse yourself in the beauty of nature and find rejuvenation in every breath.

Nature-Inspired Getaway At Silver Springs Guesthouse, nature is not just a backdrop – it's a way of life. Wake up to the soothing sounds of birdsong, breathe in the crisp mountain air, and watch the sun paint the sky with breathtaking hues. Whether you're an avid birder, a hiking enthusiast, or simply someone who craves a peaceful environment, our guesthouse is your gateway to experiencing the wonders of Cypress Hills.

Serenity in Every Corner Step into a world of rustic elegance where modern comforts meet the great outdoors. Our guesthouse's cozy interiors are designed to provide a sense of calm and relaxation. After a day of exploration, unwind in front of the fireplace, or take in the views from your private balcony. Silver Springs Guesthouse is a sanctuary where you can truly unwind and find solace in the beauty of nature.

Proximity to Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park Nature lovers rejoice – our guesthouse is perfectly situated just moments away from the renowned Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park. With an abundance of hiking trails, wildlife viewing opportunities, and nature photography spots, your days will be filled with wonder and discovery. From vibrant wildflowers to stunning sunsets, every moment becomes a memory to cherish.

Stargazing Paradise Cypress Hills is recognized as one of the best places for stargazing in North America. Imagine gazing up at a sparkling sky, far away from the city lights. Our guesthouse offers a front-row seat to the celestial wonders above. Whether you're an amateur astronomer or simply want to experience the awe-inspiring beauty of the universe, Silver Springs Guesthouse delivers an unparalleled stargazing experience.

Your Nature-Lover's Retreat Awaits Embrace the call of the wild and embark on a journey of serenity and self-discovery at Silver Springs Guesthouse. Whether you're seeking adventure on the trails or seeking solace in the stillness of nature, our guesthouse offers an idyllic haven for nature enthusiasts. Book your stay today at www.silverspringsguesthouse.com and reconnect with the world's most precious treasures – the beauty of the natural world.

Create Lasting Memories: Host Your Next Family Reunion at Silver Springs Guesthouse

Gather your loved ones for an unforgettable family reunion at Silver Springs Guesthouse, nestled in the heart of Cypress Hills, Alberta, Canada. Whether you're celebrating generations of family traditions or creating new memories together, our guesthouse provides the perfect setting for a joyful and heartwarming reunion that will be cherished for years to come.

Spacious Comfort for All At Silver Springs Guesthouse, we understand the importance of bringing families together under one roof. With accommodations that can sleep up to 12 guests, our spacious guesthouse offers the ideal environment for multi-generational gatherings. From comfortable bedrooms to inviting common areas, there's ample space for everyone to relax, reconnect, and create lifelong memories.

Reconnect in Nature's Embrace Surrounded by the stunning beauty of Cypress Hills and just moments away from the Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park, our guesthouse is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts of all ages. Embark on family hikes through picturesque trails, engage in wildlife spotting, and relish in the thrill of shared adventures. Whether you're bonding over campfires, exploring nature, or simply enjoying each other's company, Silver Springs Guesthouse ensures your family bonds grow stronger amidst nature's embrace.

Home Away from Home Silver Springs Guesthouse is designed to provide the comforts of home while offering a unique destination experience. Our fully equipped kitchen and BBQ facilities allow you to prepare and enjoy delicious meals together, fostering a sense of togetherness and unity. Whether you're sharing stories around the fireplace or taking in the serene surroundings from your private balcony, our guesthouse becomes your family's home away from home.

Memories That Matter From grandparents to grandchildren, every family member will find something to love at Silver Springs Guesthouse. Our guesthouse is a place where shared laughter, heartfelt conversations, and joyous moments come to life. Capture these precious memories against the backdrop of stunning natural vistas and create a scrapbook of experiences that will be cherished for generations.

Create Your Family Legacy The tranquil beauty of Cypress Hills and the warm embrace of Silver Springs Guesthouse provide the perfect canvas for crafting your family's story. Whether you're celebrating milestones, renewing bonds, or simply enjoying quality time together, our guesthouse invites you to create a lasting legacy of love, connection, and unity.

Plan Your Family Reunion Today Bring your family closer together amidst the beauty of nature at Silver Springs Guesthouse. Start planning your next family reunion by booking your stay at www.silverspringsguesthouse.com. Let the laughter, love, and cherished moments flow as you come together in the heart of Cypress Hills.

Elevate Your Camping Adventure: Experience Unforgettable Group Getaways at Silver Springs Guesthouse

Calling all camping enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers! Discover the perfect blend of rustic charm and modern comfort at Silver Springs Guesthouse, located in the breathtaking Cypress Hills, Alberta, Canada. Whether you're planning a camping trip with friends or seeking a unique camping alternative, our guesthouse offers an unparalleled setting for group getaways that will redefine your idea of camping.

Camp-Inspired Comfort At Silver Springs Guesthouse, we believe that camping can be both exhilarating and comfortable. Our spacious accommodations can sleep up to 12 guests, ensuring everyone has a cozy place to unwind after a day of adventure. Imagine the joy of sharing stories around the fireplace or bonding over meals prepared in our fully equipped kitchen. With comfortable lodge-style living spaces and rustic interiors, our guesthouse delivers a camping experience like no other.

Your Gateway to the Outdoors For those who crave the outdoors, Silver Springs Guesthouse is a gateway to the wonders of Cypress Hills. Embrace the thrill of exploring well-marked hiking trails, engage in birdwatching, and revel in the beauty of the surrounding wilderness. With Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park just moments away, your group can immerse themselves in a variety of outdoor activities, from fishing and biking to stargazing and more.

Adventure by Day, Comfort by Night After a day of outdoor escapades, return to the comfort of Silver Springs Guesthouse. Relax on your private balcony and soak in the serene vistas or gather around the campfire for an evening of laughter and camaraderie. Our guesthouse offers the best of both worlds – the excitement of outdoor adventures combined with the comforts of a cozy retreat.

Capture Moments, Create Memories Every camping trip with friends is a chance to create memories that will be cherished forever. Whether it's capturing the beauty of nature through photography, sharing thrilling stories of the day's adventures, or simply enjoying quality time with your closest pals, Silver Springs Guesthouse sets the stage for unforgettable moments that will last a lifetime.

Start Your Camping Adventure Elevate your camping experience and embark on a journey of outdoor discovery at Silver Springs Guesthouse. Book your group's stay today at www.silverspringsguesthouse.com and reimagine what camping can be. From thrilling days under the open sky to cozy nights surrounded by friends, your group getaway awaits amidst the stunning beauty of Cypress Hills.